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Only for Douglas County, Nebraska

Legal Publication Rates:

$.68 a line for the first week.
$.60 a line for each additional week.
$7 filing fee for sending proof of publication to the appropriate offices
(Secretary of State, County Clerk, ect.)

* Additional Secretary State Fees are applied as follows:

Notice of Organization $15
Notice of Incorporation $30
Nonprofit Organizations $10

Please Note: All charges now reflect the filing fees from the Secretary of State Effective 1/1/14

$50 for Trade Name Registration
Proof of Publication will be mailed to the Secretary of State and to the customer.

We do not take credit cards.

Submitting Legals:

Beth Grube at legals@mbj.com (You will receive a confirmation e-mail)

Legal Department
MBJ Publications
1324 S 119th st
Omaha, NE 68144

Legal Department can be reached at 402-330-1760