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Obama embraces socialist remedies, Nazi formats

by Bob Hoig, Publisher
Midlands Business Journal

Before ushering into great power a man of unproven policies, untested beliefs and questionable associates, American voters need to slow down.
Were Barack Obama running for lesser office, we’d say, “Fine, it doesn’t really matter that much. He has no record of substance to run on, he has a flock of ditsy, sometimes hate-spewing friends, and his proposals range from vague to utopian, but so what?”
The reasoning behind the theory is that as a county commissioner, a governor, even a lone senator, he can’t really harm the United States of America that much.
But a demagogue of unfathomable true beliefs who can trick the American people into electing him President of the United States can do great damage.
One need only understand that a political candidate deals in words. A president translates himself into action – commanding as he does all branches of the military, the FBI, the CIA, the Justice Department, the State Department, in fact, every department, branch and bureaucrat in the government.
The Germans, a people of great culture and art, were deceived by Adolf Hitler.
Russians got far more than they bargained for in V.I. Lenin and J.V. Stalin.
Cubans were fooled into a half century of dictatorship by the Castro brothers.
With Obama, all we can say is that Americans need to be careful.
Had he been less in a hurry, had he been not so eager for ultimate power so quickly, the country could have gotten to know him as a man in full. But he is in a hurry, and so those marking a ballot for him Nov. 4 should understand the risk.
Obama’s critics are rightly concerned by his record of evasions and by his many missed votes in the Illinois legislature and in Congress. Such votes, being actions and not mere promises, would have provided more clarity on what he truly believes.
The critics also are concerned about Obama’s absolute toeing of the liberal line in Congress, while pretending to be a great healer, a man above politics.
We agree with our fellow columnist Thomas Sowell who has made the point that, on his record, Obama is more a conventional socialist with roots in the failed economics and politics of the 1930s.
This writer’s overriding concern, however, goes beyond that. Obama embraces techniques similar or exactly the same as some that marked the rise of Adolf Hitler and his Nazi Party in Germany before World War II.
There is a danger to democracy in Obama’s thirst to assemble crowds in stadiums and plazas to acclaim himself, marvel at his own eloquence, and to intimidate present and future opponents.
Inviting 80,000 followers into the Denver Bronco’s home stadium to hear his convention acceptance speech is one example of the Obama mastery. We suspect his hour-long rambles of the 2008 campaign with their demagogic cadences and descent into mere words tumbling out, with dollops of class warfare, will greatly lengthen if delivered by President Obama.
Like Hitler, Obama is a great organizer. Hitler created the Hitler Youth, hiking clubs, travel clubs, culture clubs. Obama already is busy with plans to create corps for various forms of national and community service.
Hitler produced torchlight parades to delight crowds, but he could add nighttime book burnings and street violence when it was deemed the crowd needed converting into a mob. It will be instructive to learn if or how Obama orchestrates the crowds he assembles, starting with Denver.
Puzzling is his request to use Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate, a supreme symbol of heyday Nazi power with its huge swastika on top, for a campaign rally during his planned visit.
The German government doesn’t want it. The question is, why does Obama?
He is already viewed in some quarters as a demagogue and an ambitiously overdone power-seeker, so why tempt comparisons with Hitler, history’s all-time champ. Besides, he isn’t even officially his own party’s candidate, to say nothing of not being a presidential visitor to the German capital.
In the early going, Hitler favored Berlin and Nuremberg for mass rallies calling together the Nazi Party’s version of a civilian military corps, the Brown Shirt “storm troopers.”
Obama this week unleashed a fascinating echo of the Brown Shirts with his inexplicable adlib proposal for a “civilian national security force,” to be equal in power with the U.S. military and on a par with it for funding.
The Obama scheme could, with obvious ease, convert under improper guidance into a Brown Shirt national army of government rent-seekers, political hacks, and thugs,
Hitler’s reason for building the Brown Shirts as a political and security force was his distrust of the German Army. He lived in fear of plots against his rule and felt he needed a counterforce just in case. We cannot imagine what is behind Obama’s weird call for a similar force in America.
Equally unsettling is billionaire investor George Soros’s launch of an organization calling itself the “Democracy Alliance.
The Alliance and similar groups, aimed at lifting Obama to power, were outlined by the Wall Street Journal in a July 12 report by John Fund under the headline, “Obama’s Liberal Shock Troops.”
According to Fund, the DA and off-shoot organizations have more than $100 million at their disposal to form cells in every state and in urban areas. An equal mission to promoting Obama is to subvert the American justice system more to the liking of Soros and the radical left via Obama supreme court appointments and judicial restructurings, Fund wrote.
Some of the cells are setup for personal loyalty directly to Obama.
These cells worry some, and should worry a lot of others. The parallel in Germany was the system of the political “Gau” – units and smaller sub-units setup by Hitler, with all “gauleiters” responsible by oath directly to him as party leader.
This writer again urges voters to read acclaimed historian Paul Johnson’s cautionary book, “Intellectuals.”
Johnson lays bare the arrogance, elitism, mindset, and ruthlessness of brilliant but flawed individuals who seek paths to power as charismatic, eloquent messiah figures.
It is worth repeating. Barack Obama is not Adolf Hitler. But the tools of his advancement – eloquence, charisma, demagoguery, rich backers, fanatic core group followers, and an uncritical national media willing to accept vague promises – warrant extra caution.
Like Hitler’s, the Obama brand of leadership wins trust from surprisingly contradictory segments of the population.
In Germany, the richest industrialists, the most powerful labor union leaders, Utopians, university professors, peace activists and militarists all saw and sought salvation in electing the fast-talking Hitler over a bookish and unexciting Chancellor Heinrich Bruning.
Events, mainly from March 2008, onward, have shown that voters needn’t pay much attention to anything Obama says, even about his most deeply held views or ideals.
You see, he keeps changing.
Only the days following the inauguration of a “President Obama” can confirm what he really believes in his heart about anything – about Iraq, about waging war on Muslim jihadists, about terrorist surveillance, about $4 gasoline, about raising taxes and how much, about meeting with despots, about ditching the Reverends Wright, Pfegger and Farrakhan, and about a whole lot of former positions he has at some point adopted, disowned or owned again.
Fate loves a bit of irony and one that we noted was that Obama launched his run for president from the Illinois courthouse beloved by Abraham Lincoln.
Abe said it best, “You can fool some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all the people all the time.”
America soon will learn if Abe’s great spirit continues to watch over the fields of the Republic.

July 2008

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